Saturday, July 16, 2011

Who's That?

Hiding in every antique and second-hand shop is usually a boxful of old photos of people from ages past.  A few have notes on the back saying who's in the photo.  Fewer still aren't identified at all.  While there are some websites that are posting copies (, for instance), the blogosphere has birthed a new way to get those photos published so that, maybe, just maybe, they'll be identified and claimed.

A recent blog with just that purpose is "Forgotten Faces and Long Ago Places" authored by Teresa Wilson Rogers.  She notes any information available along with the photo, and includes some witty observations of her own from time to time. 

While the amusement value of these photos is enough in itself, there's real value in having them available to the general Internet public.  Family historians, professional and amateur genealogists and historians alike can mine these photos for clues to who the subjects might be. 

Take a look.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll figure out that one of these photos is of an ancestor from your very own family tree!