Thursday, March 3, 2011

Free Genealogy Webinars

Yep, I like attending a seminar in my PJs. 

Legacy Family Tree has a series of webinars (seminars that are Web-based so you can use your PC--but not Mac--to participate) that are free

Yesterday, I attended More Blogging for Beginners presented by Pat Richley, better known as Dear Myrtle.  It was a very helpful webinar, lasting about an hour and a half.  Pat is a superb presenter who knows exactly which blog design features we family historians will find most helpful, and which few might be problematic. 

Registration was a snap, and getting into the seminar required little more than turning on my computer's speakers.  The confirmation email I received after I'd registered lead me through prompts to the seminar's
"page."  You can ask questions or make comments by (1) phoning into the webinar, (2) using your computer's microphone (if you have one) or (3) typing your question in the pop-up discussion box.

After taking a moment to orient myself to the webinar's page and icons, I was quickly able to turn my attention to the presentation itself.

The "Question and Answer" session was very interactive and provided lots more opportunities to learn about designing and operating our genealogy/family history blogs. 

As with many things technology-related, there were a few problems, mostly related to sound consistency and quality.  But it was still worth my investment of time and effort.

Rather than lay out all the information here, I'll simply give you this link to Legacy Family Tree's webinar webpage.  You'll find a details of upcoming webinars and a list of past webinars on CDs that you can buy.  Some webinars are also available free online for a specified time after they've occurred, so be sure to look for them.

I don't have any relationship with Legacy Family Tree and don't use their software, so my opinions are strictly my own.  But I think you'll gain a lot of useful information by attending these free webinars. 

Let me know what you think about these webinars after you've attended!

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